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Comprehensive Blasting Service

Shot blasting is the hitting of a surface with a medium - grit, glass bead, steel shot, aluminium oxide - to remove corrosion, paint, mill scale or rust to give the surface a good key finish for coating if required.

Shot blasting can be used to produce a specific surface finish on stainless steel and aluminium, an opaque finish on plastics and a distressing finish on wood.

Selecting the right abrasive media is essential and depends upon the condition of the material before blasting and the finish required after blasting.

Blast results can be manipulated by length of exposure to blasting, when in a tumbler, or adjustment of pressure, nozzle size and nozzle distance when in a cabinet or blast room.

Quality Blasting Service

Type of Blasting

Abrasive Type Process Reasons
Automatic Blasting Various size ball shot and grit Rubber belted machines that tumble items in bulk whilst blasting Cleaning of materials for industry. Removing coatings, paint or powder coating. Caters for high volumes to J.I.T. requirements
Hand Cabinets Glass Bead Cabinets for blasting of individual items Blasting of delicate items ie. plastic grilles
Room Blasting (Non-Ferrous Abrasives) Aluminium Oxide or Glass Bead Maximum room capacity of 7m x 3.25m x 2.5m Achievement of a consistent and uniform finish on both stainless steel and aluminium products
Room Blasting (Ferrous Abrasives) Grit Media and Ball Shot Maximum room capacity of 7m x 3.25m x 2.5m Elimination of paint, rust, foundry sand and mill scale. Leaves the product with an ideal key for painting or powder coating
Shot Peening A cold working process in which the surface is hit by shot, causing small dimples, which act as a peening hammer This increases resistance to fatigue failures, stress corrosion and galling. Specifically used in the production of gears, chains, welded parts and the aerospace industry Extends the fatigue life of most metals, conforming to Almen strip standards